Aksnesstranda Beach

Facing southwest towards Førdesfjorden and just a few minutes drive from Haugesund (10-15 mins.), Aksnesstranda is ideally situated for enticing bathers from many parts of Haugalandet and is highly popular during the summer months.

In the years after World War II, Avaldsnes and Haugesund cooperated in making Aksnesstranda accessible to the public. In the 1950s bus routes were introduced during the summer period. The strand area consists of a small gradually sloping beach, large rocks, pebbles, and grassy areas at the forest edges that are suited for sunbathing and playing. Toilet amenities are located adjacent to the lower car park.

Recreation Association West (Friluftsrådet Vest) are responsible for Aksnesstranda.

Sand strand with sandy bottom, some pebbles.

From Haugesund:
Approximately 9 km. Drive south for approximately 5 km along Spannavegen. The side-road down to Aksnesstranda is signposted and is located just after the turn-off for Skre on the left side of Spannavegen.


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