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Lindøy Outdoor Recreational Amenity is suitable for people of all ages. Bright and inviting, the island sits bobbing in Fødesfjorden, just south of Røyksund and is full of hiking trails that meander through the rolling and changing terrain.

The trails take the hiker across the heather, through small clusters of deciduous and pine trees down to the beaches and bathing areas as well as to the recreation area where there is a Lap-style Lavvu tent and grilling area. Lindøy is popular with families in all kinds of weather, allowing children to climb and play while the Lavvu tent can be used for grilling and eating. The island is also popular for berry plucking during the late summer and autumn when Blueberries and Cranberries are abundant. There are several excellent fishing locations on Lindøy on the side facing Førdesfjorden. With a little luck it should be possible to catch a sea trout or two.

The Recreation Association has prepared the area such that hikers, kindergartens, schools and school camps can use the many amenities it has to offer.

Administered by Recreation Association West (Friluftsrådet Vest).

Tracks, generally dry but there are some wet sections. Overgrown in some parts.

From Haugesund:
Approx. 14 km. Take highway RV-47 south.Turn left following the signpost for Vormedal (left turn in the roundabout before Karmsund Bridge). Follow the signposts for Vormedal. Turn left at Vormedal following the signs for Røyksund and Lindøy. Continue along this road until arriving at a T-junction. Turn right following the sign for Lindøy. The road swings left before Røyksund, crossing a bridge after which Lindøy is signposted to the left.


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