On the way to Røyningsbu you will experience the Kamøy Uplands at their best. Starting from the sports centre, one takes good hiking tracks and trails that are maintained by Skudenes Hill Club. The club made an excellent contribution in preparing the conditions for those who wish to experience the uplands north of Skudeneshavn.

The cabin is located on the southern section of the Karmøy Uplands and is an ideal destination for either a Sunday hike or an evening walk. In choosing the Sunday variant you will almost certainly arrive at an open cabin. It is otherwise worth noting that it is not just Sundays that the cabin is open but all calendar days marked red except May 1st and 17th. Opening hours: 11.00 to 14.00.
The voluntary club that runs the cabin makes every effort to accommodate hikers and you are guaranteed a warm welcome. Freshly made coffee is always percolating and it is quite likely that you can buy a waffle or two.

Skudenes Hill Club maintain the cabin on a voluntary basis.

Good quality track, requires solid shoes/boots when wet.

From Haugesund:
Approx 40 km. Take highway RV-47 south crossing Karmsund Bridge. Continue through Åkrehamn and follow the road further to Skudeneshavn. Turn to the left as and drive as far as the sports centre that is visible just prior to driving into the town of Skudeneshavn. Park at the sports hall and follow the track. From Mjåvatn: Turn left into Gammel Sandhålandsveien Road approximately 1.5 km south of Ferkingsstad Church. Continue along this road for about 200 metres and then turn right in towards Mjåvatnveien Road.


Avstand til målet:
30-75 min



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