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With its historic traces in the landscape, sand dunes and dramatic waves, Stavasanden Beach and the fields that surround it are a very exciting part of Norway. Beautiful Stavasanden holds many possibilities for experiencing the nature and heritage of this spot.

Impressive Waves
From time to time, the sea pounds mightily in onto the beach and the shoreline, a shoreline that possesses the history of many dramatic events, with plentiful traces of those that came this way before us.
Stavasanden Beach is the remains of a sand plain formed by a glacier, the sea, and the wind over thousands of years. At one time it stretched several hundred metres inland. Despite the fact that this area has been extensively developed in modern times, there are still many natural and cultural experiences that attract those who are looking for more than just a hiking trip in unfamiliar landscape.

Administered by Recreation Association West (Friluftsrådet Vest)

Sandy Beach

From Haugesund:
Approx 30 km. Take highway RV-47 south crossing Karmsund Bridge. A short distance after Åkrehamn comes Ferkingstad. Turn to the right towards Ferkingstad Harbour. Follow the road until you arrive at Stavesanden, which is adjacent to Ferkingstad Sports Centre.




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