Åkra - Hop
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If you would like to get more out a hiking trip in the coastal landscape than even the great experience of nature that one normally gets, then you should take a trip along the nature and heritage trail that runs from Åkra to Ferkingstad. Cultural and historical monuments lie in abundance between Åkratunet and the boathouse ruins at Hop.

The farming community of Åkra has traditionally held a strong position on Karmøy. In the period when large tracts of agricultural land were retained by the monarchy, the farmers of Åkra were able to hold much of their lands privately.

Life along the strands
A vibrant birdlife and a diversified plant life are to be found along the bright white sand strands on the west side of Karmøy. Sand dunes are active and are formed through wind and waves casting large amounts of sand onto the shore, which are then dried when the tide recedes. This process makes the sand lighter and is carried further inland where it is stopped by plants that grow in the sand.

Administered by Recreation Association West (Friluftsrådet Vest)

Some tracks, strands, and trails that are on roads.

From Haugesund:
Approx. 26 km. Take highway RV-47 south crossing Karmsund Bridge. Continue to Åkrehamn. Follow the sign for Åkrasanden just after the centre of Åkrehamn.


Avstand til målet:
Ca 3,5-4 km

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