Bjørgene is located at Torvestad on northern Karmøy. This is a family-friendly recreation area with tracks amid rolling landscape that features five mounds. There are many tracks allowing for walks of varying lengths.

The terrain between the mounds consists of forests, bright open plains, and marshes with bogs. Gunnarshaugvannet Lake at the east end of the hiking area is rich in birdlife. Deer and foxes have also been observed in this area in recent years.
The hiking area is approximately 4km² and bordered by Storasundsvegen, Hålandsvegen, Torvestadvegen and Markavegen roads. The longest hiking trip is approximately 4 km. However, there are many small tracks and short-cuts to choose between.

Gravel tracks in sections. Some trails and wet segments.

From Haugesund:
Approx. 7.5 km. Take highway RV-47 over Karmsund Bridge. After the bridge, take the first road to the right towards Storesund. Drive along this road for about 2 km and turn to the left onto Bjørgeveien Road, which is followed until you reach Bjørgene Community Centre on the left side of the road.

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